Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter

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Summery of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter:

Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter accomplishes the favorable luck for the calfskin business. Cause charges of calfskin and cowhide product crossed USD1 billion for the second year in fiscal 2014-15. Recently, in 2019 export earnings from leather and leather goods witnessed a 16.39% growth to $106 million during the period. According to the data from the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB). When 2014-15, Bangladesh as of now conveys calfskin and cowhide stock worth USD1.13 billion. Also, it procures USD1.12 billion in the past financial year. As a result, this progress making it the second most bewildering supporter of national tolls after bits of dress. Typically, Bangladesh conveys cowhide shoes, travel packs, wallets, belts, and finished calfskin.

Despite benefit advancement, the country missed the charge focal point of USD1.4 billion by 19.09 percent in 2014-15. Bangladesh hopes to convey USD1.21 billion of cowhide and calfskin items in 2015-16. What’s more, this is 7.28 percent higher from the last fiscal year. As we realize that Italy, the UK, Belgium, Spain, France, Germany, Poland, the US, and Canada are the colossal markets for the division. Starting late, the exporters have been doing extraordinary in Japan, India, Nepal and Australian markets.

Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter
Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter


Japan is particularly promising for us, as our charge is growing on a very basic level in the market in light of commitment-free focal points. The lawmaking body should counsel with Japan as the probability of a sorted out trade game plan to be set apart by different countries with the Asian money related mammoth may encourage it to drop the commitment advantage. Bangladesh currently conveys simply 0.5 percent of the overall calfskin and cowhide items grandstand worth USD215 billion, according to industry insiders. Also, this offers Bangladesh an enormous chance to try out the world market. As our cowhide grain and surface is normally rank higher in the nature of the world market. With no contention, we achieve the second position after French. How about we discover more underneath.

Background of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter:

As a matter of first importance, We all think about the accomplishment of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter. Be that as it may, it was difficult for them to accomplish this brilliant chance. Cause calfskin industry has been running over 5 decades from now. Also, as per Wikipedia The first tannery in what is presently Bangladesh was set up at Narayanganj sometime during the 1940s by a businessman R.P. Saha. The tannery was later moved to Hazaribagh area in Dhaka in 1965. At that time, there were 30 tanneries in Dhaka. After the freedom of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Government procured the 30 tanneries. The business had a critical improvement during the 1970s.

More than 1 million individuals are working legitimately or in a roundabout way in the calfskin business. Since the unrest in 1970, Bangladesh prospects each year. Also, when 2014-2015, it adds to the second position in national sends out after garments.   For Bangladesh, calfskin is a high need mechanical segment. Therefore, footwear fares is an extraordinary center territory.


A display of finished product of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporters
A display of finished product of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporters


Meanwhile, our Honorable Prime Minister Sheik Hasina introduces the 22nd Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF) on first January 2017. On the introduction of Prime Minister Announces the ‘Cowhide’ as “Result of the Year’ of 2017. The Fair sorts out together by The Ministry of Commerce and Bangladesh Export Promotion Bureau, (BEPB). Most importantly, The Prime Minister stated, the Leather fare has been expanded by around multiple times in the course of the most recent four decades. Furthermore, Bangladesh produces calfskin products for top worldwide brands. Along these lines, “The administration needs to lift up the rising cowhide division to investigate it’s everything possibilities. Moreover, she encourages to Exporters that “Exporters ought not to pursue a couple of nations for GSP offices. Better you should discover advertises in somewhere else.”

Sheik Hasina (PM) distributes  28 gold, 22 silver and 15 bronze decorations among the exporters for their achievement in fare during the year 2013-2014. as the National Export Trophy-2013-2014 on the debut capacity of DITF-2017.

Top Names of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter:

In this section, we will see some Golden Names of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter who contributes to make a bright future for us. Here are the mentions below A to Z:

M/s. Albarosa Ltd.
M/s. Ananta Leather Collections Ltd.
M/s. Apex Leathercraft Fashion and Accessories Ltd
M/s. B & B Leather
M/s. B.M. Kings Ltd.
M/s. BBJ Leather Goods Ltd
M/s. BLJ Bangladesh Corporation Ltd.
M/s. Crescent Leather Products Ltd.
M/s. Divine Craft & Fashion Pvt. Ltd.
M/s. DLF Korbang Ltd.
M/s. FM Leather Limited
M/s. Golden Frog
M/s. H.S. Leather Products
M/s. Innove Leather Products Ltd.
M/s. kohinoor Leather Products Ltd.
M/s. Matrighor Ltd.
M/s. Misuji Leather Goods Bangla Ltd.
M/s. Peacock Crafts Limited
M/s. Picard Bangladesh Ltd.
M/s. Ramim Leather & Finished Goods Corporation
M/s. Rayan Crafts Ltd.
M/s. Remo Leather Products Ltd.
M/s. Rider Leather Bags & Luggage Factory Ltd.
M/s. SANWA Corporation Ltd.
M/s. Shimokawa Co. Ltd
M/s. Skyhara
M/s. Step luggage & Leather Goods Ltd.
M/s. US-Bangla Leather Products Ltd.
M/s. Venezia Crafts & Leathergoods
M/s. Walk Leather Products Ltd.
M/s. Yuko Leather Goods Ltd.

Source: (Leathergoods & Footwear Manufacturers & Export Association of Bangladesh)

The End of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter:

As indicated by industry inside right now, 220 tanneries, 2500 footwear producing units and 90 huge firms are including in the calfskin and cowhide products part. Furthermore, this part is contributing 4% to the nation’s absolute fare profit by sending out things to in excess of 50 nations. In this way, the fares will expand manifolds if the cowhide and calfskin merchandise area satisfies the consistency guidelines and take activities to advance their items in the global market. At present, we gain about US$ 1.23 billion by trading different calfskin items in FY2016-2017.

Showcasing of Leather Goods Export From Bangladesh
Showcasing of Leather Goods Export From Bangladesh

According to the Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) information, Bangladesh earned $1.01 billion sending out cowhide, cowhide merchandise, and cowhide footwear, the main billion-dollar send out worker after the clothing products, in the monetary year 2018-19. Also, the administration, notwithstanding, has set an objective to acquire $5.0 billion from sending out cowhide, calfskin products, and the footwear area as a major aspect of the $60 billion by and large trade profit by 2021.

At long last, we can say that the calfskin business is developing with extraordinary quality and furthermore with the amount. In this way, on the off chance that we focus to accomplish our general fare income objective, at that point, we have to cooperate. So far we see that our tanneries are moving to Savar from Hazaribagh. What’s more, this technique takes too long to even consider executing. For the time being, it is a disturbing circumstance for the calfskin business. In the event that this settles sooner, at that point our generation limit will increment and we will arrive at our objective effectively. Thus, we trust in the best to proceed with our success.

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