Hand Gloves (leather) Manufacturer in Bangladesh

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Hand gloves are a daily necessity in terms of both Fashion and working industries. Mostly, hand gloves are using for the protection of hands. While working it protects unwanted harm of fingers from other objects. On the other hand, in winter it protects hands from cold. For the fashion industry, it just another token of appreciation of individual lifestyles. However, the popularity of hand gloves is always high around the world. And the demand for the product is also high.

Different types of hand gloves with different types of materials are made in factories around the world. Like driving gloves, construction gloves, Industrial gloves, sports gloves and etc. The increasing demands of hand gloves make the small factories scaling into a large production maker. And the assurance of quality, material, and finishing make buyers happy. Here are a few factories who are producing hand gloves in Bangladesh below:


Followings are Top Hand Gloves ( Leather ) Manufacturer in Bangladesh:

There are various factories who are producing hand gloves. Among them here are a few factories who works for export. Here are the names below:



Basically, this company started its journey in 2005, and since then, it has established itself as a 100% export-oriented company. It has a tannery in Hazaribagh to process raw materials into finished goods, which are worthy enough to meet the global demand. So,  far they are working on different types of leather goods like bags, wallet, leather gloves, etc. As far information this company working on industrial or construction leather gloves highly. Their production capacity is 1000 pair of leather gloves per day. In a month nearly 1,00,000 pieces.

Contrast Leather Gloves produced by Crescent Leather Products Ltd
Contrast Leather Gloves produced by Crescent Leather Products Ltd



Mostly, this company started its journey in 2014. And the location of the factory is in Hazaribagh. It processes raw materials and converts them into finished goods like shoes, sandals, ladies’ bags, wallets, hand gloves, etc. The finished goods are then supplied to the buyers of the global market. 100% export-oriented factory with a production capacity of 1000 pairs per day. Highly professional and very efficient in producing industrial leather hand gloves.

Inside view of Rupali Composite Leatherwear Ltd.
Inside view of Rupali Composite Leatherwear Ltd.

One of the most popular leather hand gloves maker in Bangladesh. Since 2014, RAVEN starts its production of leather jacket and after that leather gloves, production lines are open for operation. Most of the products are made for both the local market and the export market currently. We are producing Wielding gloves(short, long, full), working gloves & fashionable gloves as well. Our current production capacity is  2 to 5 thousands pair per month. Among them, fashion gloves are 2 thousand pair and working gloves are 5 thousand. With high-quality leather, accessories, craftsmanship, and finishing. If you are interested in doing business with feel free to query any time you want. Our email:  info@ravenleather.ltd


First of all, they are 100% export-oriented Leather Hand Gloves manufacturing plant. However, the factory location is on the Dhaka-Manikganj Highway, the premise is in a prime location for the business. Having a total machine capacity of 120, they produce specialized leatherworking hand gloves of different styles and varieties with quality being their main concern. So far they export to the USA, France, India with our primary buyer being in Hong Kong. We have also done a sampling of various fashion gloves for countries as the likes of Japan, China, Spain, and Turkey.

Suede Leather Hand Gloves Manufactured by B.M. Kings Ltd.
Suede Leather Hand Gloves Manufactured by B.M. Kings Ltd.

Generally, they are one of the largest manufacturers of cow split suede or split leather made safety gloves maker/ producer in Bangladesh. Their 30,000 sqft factory and huge equipment allow them to produce more than 500,000 pairs of gloves a month. Moreover, their production includes safety leather gloves, welding gloves, and construction gloves. However, split leather, suede leather, nylon, and cotton are using to produce a pair of gloves.




As a Bangladesh-based import and export company, Sett Group International is the manufacturer, supplier, and Agents of Leather & leather goods in Bangladesh. Basically they are working on leather bags, wallets, belts, gloves, etc. 100% export-oriented factory.  Factory Size of the company is  3,000 – 5,000 square meters.  Factory Locations in HAZARIBAGH, DHAKA. The number of Production Lines 5 – 10 people. Annual Output Value: US$10 Million – US$50 Million. And production 100000 pairs Per month.

Black Fashionable Leather Gloves Produced by SETT Group International
Black Fashionable Leather Gloves Produced by SETT Group International


Final Words:

Among them, RAVEN is one of the top destinations for leather hand gloves manufacturer in Bangladesh. there are a few factories. We provide high-quality leather, accessories, craftsmanship, and finishing. If you are interested in placing an order or any other information we are very much open to all QUERY and  Question. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Mobile No: +8801717873588

Email: info@ravenleather.ltd


Factory & Showroom Location:

Our Factory Address: Jamsha Natun Bazar, South Jamsha, Singair, Manikgonj 1820

Our Local Showroom: Store no: 277-278, Mukto-Bangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216

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