Leather Goods in Bangladesh

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Leather Goods in Bangladesh has earned a splendid future for the leather industry. Our huge nature of the cowhide is in the second position after French. Our calfskin industry has just come to 1 billion dollar industry. Furthermore, it likewise adds an extraordinary commitment to our GDP. In this way, our legislature has paid attention to the cowhide business very. Furthermore, they additionally need to extend our generation limit too. In 2021 they pronounced to procure 5 billion dollars. Also, this point will possibly satisfy when Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter will bunch together and cooperate appropriately. In beneath, a few situations are disclosed to comprehend the Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter.

The cowhide is an antiquated item. As we realize that it is an extraordinary product that relates grassroots towns with high social orders. Furthermore, it additionally joins customary practices with rising advancements. For some, creating nations cowhide is a wellspring of the economy. Furthermore, the cowhide makers establish a crucial and reliable hotspot for fare exchange. From them, they win outside trade. What’s more, it supports its GDP as well.  For Bangladesh, cowhide is a high need mechanical area. Subsequently, footwear fares is an extraordinary center region.



Bangladesh has only a couple of decades since Independence, made critical additions from the cowhide trade.  As it is advancing from the status of an exporter of 90% in addition to crude stows away and skins to that of an exporter. and furthermore, dominatingly cowhide item maker. In any case, there is minimal precise examination into this segment. This new report is attempting to address the exploration hole by trying to comprehend circumstant. Like the present status, issues, and prospect of the cowhide business in Bangladesh. We should discover the financial control of Bangladesh Leather Goods Exporter.

Economic Manipulation of Leather Goods in Bangladesh:

By and large, our Leather and Leather Products contribute more than Tk. 3200 crore. Furthermore, this is likeness outside money every year to the Bangladesh Economy. Besides, it is likewise a 100% agro-based fare arranged industry. There are just about 206 tanneries in our nation. And the yearly creation limit of handling around 400 million square feet wet blue. At that point 300 million square feet outside calfskin. Lastly, 140.39 million square feet completed cowhide. Bangladesh sends out around 200 million square feet of stows away and skins as cowhide and calfskin items, the greater part of which is outside layer calfskin.


Leather Goods Display for Foreign Buyers in Bangladesh
Leather Goods Display for Foreign Buyers in Bangladesh


As per LSBPC (Leather Sector Business Promotion Council), they locate a valuable report on the cowhide business. What’s more, here is the report depict precisely how they do. The worth expansion in delivering completed calfskin is about half higher than that of covering cowhide, and the equivalent is about 225% higher on account of cowhide items. The present work in the tannery including of Bangladesh is around 15,000 (counting administrative and generation staff), in footwear sub-division 51,400 (15,000 in automated sub-part and 36,400 in little and cabin level non-motorized sub-segment) and in leathergoods sub-segment 10,200 (1200 in automated units and 9,000 in non-automated units).

Types of Leather Goods in Bangladesh:

At present, 220 tanneries, 2500 footwear creating units and 90 significant firms are a partner with the calfskin and cowhide items fragment. Subsequently, this section is contributing 4% to the country’s total toll benefit by conveying things to in excess of 50 countries. There is a wide assortment of calfskin products created in Bangladesh. The main groups are below:

  1. Small ( Fancy ) leather goods
  2. Medium leather goods
  3. Heavy leather goods

##Small ( Fancy ) Leather Goods:

small cowhide merchandise or personal calfskin products incorporate a wide scope of the item in this classification. More often than not, these items convey in pocket or totes. They include purses, wallets, key case, visa case, notecase, card case, cigarette case and stogie case, matchbox case, thus others. These products require the thickness of 0.5mm to 1mm. Especially, cow softy, goat coat, sheep napa, calfskin and so forth use for making these merchandise.




##Medium Leather Goods:

Medium Leather Goods incorporates satchels, shopping sacks, shoulder packs, archive cases, attache cases, etc. These sacks are produced using calf, goat, sheep and intriguing skins and conceal completed with a scope of colors. And their thickness is about 0.8 mm to 1.2 mm. Generally best with Cow softy, dry processed, dairy animals napa, sheep napa, goat and buff softy cowhide are broadly utilized in the creation of medium calfskin merchandise.

##Heavy Leather Goods:

Heavy Leather Goods are making by and large from dairy animals and bison stows away. Cause they are solid and sturdy. The stows away have unmistakable surface grain examples and size reaches from 20 to 30 sq. ft is a full cover-up. Furthermore, the preferable thickness is 1 to 1.5 mm. Especially,  box sides, Katti Leather, Split Leather, Cow Upper, Upholstery, Buff Softy, and so on are utilizing to make overwhelming calfskin merchandise.

Year by Achievements:

In addition, there is goliath potential for future advancement (neighborhood and furthermore exchange) and the goal is to accomplish USD 5 billion yearly charges by the following couple of years. It is the second most raised supporter of national passages after clothing. There has been a determined headway of the calfskin zone which has accomplished 11.93% advancement in the primary bit of the current monetary year (2016-17). What’s more, this part outperformed the passage center by 9.64%, bringing $628 million from exchanges against the goal of $572 million in the midst of the July-December period. As Bangladesh earned $560 million from cowhide and calfskin things conveys in a comparable time of FY 2015-16. Along these lines, the early concentration for the current monetary year set at $1.22 billion which is depended upon to outperform by June 2017.

Also, Bangladesh exchanged cowhide and calfskin items worth $1.13 billion and $1.16 billion exclusively in FY 2014-15 and FY 2015-16. If we look back we see the remote trade income from footwear trade has expanded from $68 million in 2004 to $870 million in FY 2017-18. According to Export Promotion Bureau (EPB) data, in the 2018 fiscal year, Bangladesh earned $1.08 billion from footwear, down by 12% from $1.23 billion in FY17. Footwear exports totaled $651 million in the last nine months of the current FY 2018-19, which is around 10 percent higher than the same period last fiscal.



Final Words:

As we talk about the advancement and circumstances of our calfskin products exporters, we see incredible trust is holding up in us. Yet, generally speaking, past experience says a great deal regarding it. Like we have focal points and weaknesses for our calfskin industry. Our present issue is moving to Savar. Cause we see that we need right around 15 years to move here from Hazaribagh. What’s more, still, we are moving. Be that as it may, this needs to make do with forever. Something else, our generation limit will fall severely. Another issue is receiving new technology is a major issue for our calfskin industry. We are as yet working with old apparatuses yet it is currently 2k19. In this way, we have to refresh our selves with new innovation and increment our creation limit with regards to acquiring 5 billion dollars objective.

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