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) Top Pocket 1, front of all. This top pocket could be use in many ways including daily used accessions.

ii) Top Packet 2, underneath top pocket 1. Like top pocket 1. This top pocket could be used as top pocket 1.

iii) Main Chamber 1. This is one of main chamber. Large files as size as 18 inches. Or in travel this large chamber comes in handy to pack all clothing.

iv) Main Chamber 2. This in another main chamber of this is genuine leather backpack. This chamber also large as Chamber 1. Laptop Compartment is in this chamber. So this chamber is big enough to carry laptop and other larger files also.

v) Laptop Compartment, attached along in Main Chamber 2. Large size laptop easily placed in this chamber. Velcro strap is attached to compact the laptop.

vi) Back Chamber, underneath all chamber. Shoulder strap could be nicely placed in this chamber when using this bag on side strap. Otherwise, this chamber comes in handy to place necessity equipment here also.

This Genuine Leather Backpack from Dhaka Bangladesh is one of most completed backpack available. This backpack is large in size and shape. Enable to carry large sum of daily load. Laptop, Files, Essential documents, Powerbank are few to mention.

Beside that, this genuine leather backpack could be long distance travel companion. Unlike conventional fabrics backpack this genuine leather backpack will give you a vibe of Elegance, Aristocracy and Retro.

This backpack could be carried out on shoulder and also on side strap.

All accessorizes used in this bag are Brass Metal, Antique Finished

Dimension: 18 inches x 14 inches


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