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The skin of cows like dairy animals and sheep are for the most part utilized for the generation of calfskin. The cowhide has a wide scope of employment and is utilized for making garments, upholstery. furthermore, shoes.

Various kinds of calfskin can be grouped based on the piece of concealing utilized as crude material for making them. Grain, concerning calfskin, is the piece of the shroud that is acquired by expelling the hair. Grain can be part into two layers: top grain and split. Split has no substance of the normal grain and is the lower layer of the characteristic grain got.

Finished Leather Supplier in Bangladesh is a common query of buyers on the internet. Most of them want to get the best quality at a reasonable price. Though there are a lot of tanneries who are proving various types of finished leather. Here we are going to discuss about leather types and types of finished leather as well below:

Sorts of Leather:

Cowhide is a sturdy, yet adaptable, material that is made by the tanning of skins or stows away. In spite of the fact that the treating and creation of cowhide stows away have been done by the people for centuries, calfskin is still as well known today as it ever has been.

Cowhide can be delivered from practically any living being that has a skin including; dairy animals, goat, sheep, ostrich, gator, crocodile, pig, snake, salmon, roost, sturgeon, deer, shark and a couple of other selective ones. You can even create cowhide from human skin and this has been completed since forever, once in a while as a type of discipline and different occasions as a type of regard and appreciation.

There are various manners by which calfskin can be dealt with and completed to suit the particular necessities of the client.

Finished Leather:

First of all, leather finishing is a tough job to do in real life. Cause the same recipe of tanning can change the final output of the finishing. Actually, no finisher can provide color grade same to the same finishing each time. It will always 19 to 20 difference which is quite accepted in this sector. However, finished leathers are four types generally. Here are below:


Shrouds that have not been sanded or buffed so as to hold, what numerous to consider to be, the genuine character and nature of calfskin. Thus, the surface is smooth and including the majority of the normal subtleties of the stowaway – regularly complimented by an aniline wrap up. Holding the grain gives predominant quality and strength, alongside better breathability bringing about less ingested dampness.

Deep Chocolate Color Full Grain Leather
Deep Chocolate Color Full Grain Leather



Next one is top grain. Basically, this grain is sanded and a completion coat is included which gives more noteworthy protection from stains contrasted with full-grain calfskin.

Top Grain Finished Leather
Top Grain Finished Leather



Applies to any cowhide that has had a counterfeit grain applied to the surface. The surface is regularly sanded or buffed off and after that, a fake grain is squeezed upon the surface. This kind of cowhide is typically found with a semi-aniline or pigmented wrap up.

Corrected Grain Leather
Corrected Grain Leather


This is made from the top-grain being isolated from the rawhide. Split calfskin has a counterfeit layer applied to the surface which is embellished with a cowhide grain. Softened cowhide is one of the most ordinarily known, and utilized, kinds of split calfskin out there. The explanation it is “textured” on the two sides is on the grounds that it has the grain total expelled in this way includes a fleshed surface on the two sides.


Final Words:

In the end, it will be your decision from where you wanna provide you order for the finished leather. But if you want top-quality, in time delivery then RAVEN is the place where you can place your order. Our top technicians are well capable of completing any kinds of finishing and development with accuracy. RAVEN is one of the top finished leather manufacturers in Bangladesh. More than 5 years of experience in the leather finishing for jackets, bags, gloves, pants, skirts, chest guards and other leather goods manufacturing, and selling. We also provide a leather patch warranty as well. Another cool thing is they have both ready-made and custom made facility.

If you are not satisfied with regular ready-made finishing then you can also order a custom-made finishing as well. But the costing will differ from the regular price. And the delivery date will be within the shortest time possible we can be depending on order volume. If you are interested in placing an order or any other information we are very much open to all QUERY and  Question. Feel free to contact us anytime.

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