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An assortment of games shoes or sports shoes is available for each sort of activity. Running shoes that have inbuilt safeguards are accessible for joggers, and lightweight strolling shoes are accessible for walkers. Oxygen consuming shoes are lightweight and stun engrossing to avert foot weakness. And to pad the chunk of the foot, which is put under strain from the high-impact workout. Sneakers have adaptable bottoms to shield your feet from the fast side-to-side developments of tennis and is intending for sliding over mud or grass. Moreover, not to move you forward for miles, going from asphalt to grass to the incidental puddle Thick-soled, high top b-ball shoes give additional security against the lower leg and foot wounds brought about by bouncing. Broadly educating shoes are likewise accessible. These are appropriate on the off chance that you play out the various game or exercise types in your exercise.

Mostly, Sports Shoe Manufacturer in Bangladesh is the query of buyers who want to produce shoes in here. Recently, there are a lot of manufacturers around here who are producing non-leather sports shoes. According to Synthetic footwear and sports shoes have drawn the attention of global buyers and brands and earned $271.53 million registering a sharp rise by 11.24% in the fiscal year 2018-19. So, the demand wise manufacturers are scaling their factories with the increasing demand. Here we are going to explore types of sports shoes and manufacturers in the below:


Types of Sports Shoes:

  • Basketball Sneakers
  • Baseball and Softball Cleats
  • Cross Trainer
  • Cycling Shoes
  • Football Cleats
  • Golf Shoes
  • Hiking  or Traveling Boots
  • Lacrosse Shoes
  • Minimalist Shoes
  • Tennis Shoes
  • Trail Running Shoes
  • Soccer Cleats
  • Running Shoes
  • Walking Shoes


Followings are Top Sports Shoe Manufacturer in Bangladesh:


Apex footwear:

Basically, the journey of this company started more than two decades ago. Initially, they start with leather business & later curving its’ way into shoemaking. Soon they become the largest shoemaker in the subcontinent. Currently, they hold a 15% share of leather footwear export in Bangladesh from $1.1 billion leather export. Though shoemaking being a highly labor-intensive job, their company  5500 workers mostly women to make stylish leather shoes. Our shoe design inspiration comes from the latest international footwear trend. Being a footwear giant, it’s our responsibility to be a role model in developing people and helping the environment. However, our core values are set with the belief of valuing people through continuous development & making a path for higher achievements. And their capacity of production is 20,000 Pairs of shoes per day.

Factory of Apex Footwear Ltd
Factory of Apex Footwear Ltd
Shoeniverse Footwear Limited

(SFL) is the first & till now the only LEED Certified (GOLD) footwear factory in Bangladesh, located in a pleasant location in Mymensingh of Dhaka division. One of the top leather & synthetic footwear manufacturer & exporter in Bangladesh. They have 800 workers in their factory and capable of producing 5,000 pair per day.


Factory of Shoeniverse Footwear Ltd
Factory of Shoeniverse Footwear Ltd


Edison Footwear Ltd:

Mainly this company is a sister concern of Edison Group which establish back in 2009 in Bangladesh. Though the group is providing services to many sectors among them footwear is one of them. Edison Footwear Ltd. is popular for leather and non-leather shoes. If we specifically say then it will be sports shoe. So far for a sports shoe, this company has a vast knowledge and experience. Currently, they can produce 10,000  pairs per day.

Duel Contrast Sports Shoe by Edison Footwear Ltd
Duel Contrast Sports Shoe by Edison Footwear Ltd
Maf Shoes Ltd

Originally, 100% export oriented quality athletic shoe, sandal, slipper, & flip-flop manufacturing factory with the ability to deliver impeccable quality and punctual shipment within a framework through a professional, reliable and sincere business atmosphere. They manufacture a wide range of footwear for all age group and is equipped with vertical production units. They are the only shoe factory who produces various footwear related finish products and semi-finished products in the same factory premises. Their monthly production capacity is 2,50,000 pair.

Casual Sports Shoe by MAF Shoes Ltd.
Casual Sports Shoe by MAF Shoes Ltd.
TK Footwear Limited:

They are the sister Concern of countries most successful Business Conglomerates T.K. Group of Industries of Bangladesh. Mainly, the footwear sector established in the year 2013 having all required machinery. 100% export-oriented Footwear manufacturing and exporting company in Chittagong, Bangladesh. So far they work with Hush Puppies, Kimijima Bis, Golden Foot, Espresso, Milla Sports, Dueailes, E.T. Foot, Donamiss for Japan Market. Their production capacity is 10,000 plus per day.

Floor View of T.K Footwear
Floor View of T.K Footwear
Excelsior Shoes Ltd:

This company has earned a distinctive role in meeting overseas customer’s import requirements. This division is engaged in the export of quality products to different world markets. Mostly, the company believes that the quality of products and delivery time are the key factors for successful export business and therefore. And this division has competent human resources to support the factories for maintaining the quality of products and ensuring timely delivery. And total production capacity: 7000-8000 pairs/8 hours shift.

Sports Shoes are made by ETCL BD
Sports Shoes are made by ETCL BD


Final Words:

In the end, it will be your decision from where you wanna provide you order for the finished leather. But if you want top-quality, in time delivery then RAVEN is the place where you can place your order. Our top technicians are well capable of completing any kinds of finishing and development with accuracy. RAVEN is one of the tops Sports Shoe Manufacturer in Bangladesh. More than 5 years of experience in the leather finishing for jackets, bags, gloves, pants, skirts, chest guards and other leather goods manufacturing, and selling. We also provide a leather patch warranty as well. Another cool thing is they have both ready-made and custom made facility.

If you are not satisfied with regular ready-made finishing then you can also order a custom-made finishing as well. But the costing will differ from the regular price. And the delivery date will be within the shortest time possible we can be depending on order volume. If you are interested in placing an order or any other information we are very much open to all QUERY and  Question. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Mobile No: +8801717873588



Factory & Showroom Location:

Our Factory Address: Jamsha Natun Bazar, South Jamsha, Singair, Manikgonj 1820

Our Local Showroom: Store no: 277-278, Mukto-Bangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216

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