Safety Shoes Manufacturer in Bangladesh

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Did you realize that 25% of the all-out bones in a human body are found in feet? Envision if any of these bones get skewed because of damage, your whole body makes certain to get influenced. Mainly, the foot is the establishment of your body and should be protected solid. Indeed, even a minor foot issue will, in general, become the reason for other serious issues, for example, hip or lower back agony, shoulder and neck torment, knee issues, and so on.

Over the years people research these issues and come up with the idea of reducing workplace accident. There are various safety points of identity as per occupations. In order to get the real product available in people’s hand safety shoes manufacturers creating a sector of mass production. Just like others in Bangladesh also has an industry who are producing world-class safety shoes here. Mostly, for cheap labor cost, ability to adopt modern technology base machinery, and dedicated workforce are behind the success of safety shoe manufacturer in Bangladesh.

Followings are Top Safety Shoes Manufacturer in Bangladesh:

Chittagong EPZ:

First of all,  most of the safety shoe productions are happening here. Regularly, these 7 footwear factories are manufacturing safety shoe frequently for their buyers. Basically, modern factory set up, skilled labor, dedicated production team along with designers and merchandisers are the key to those factories. Most of them are capable of producing at least 10,000 pairs of safety shoes. With high-quality material, craftsmanship, accessories, and finishing. Gradually, Chittagong EPZ is becoming one of the top national GDP earners for Bangladesh.

Fornt Gate of Chittagong-EPZ
Front Gate of Chittagong-EPZ
Royal Footwear Ltd:

Actually, in 2010, royal footwear limited entered in the country’s booming shoe industry. Over the years our unwavering interest and determination have helped us earn a respectable position in the country’s footwear industry. Moreover, the sincere efforts of our employees have spurred the company to success, enabling us to employ more than 600 workers. On the other hand, Royal footwear limited is set up with specialized machinery to meet the need and requirements of the global market. Integrated to produce quality and timely delivery. However, the current production capacity is almost 20, 000 plus per day production depending on order volume.

Inside view of shoe making processing at Royal Footwear Ltd.
Inside view of shoemaking processing at Royal Footwear Ltd.
Super Protective Shoes ( PVT.) Ltd:

Another top safety footwear manufacturer in Bangladesh. Over the years this factory has been working for different brands and buyers around the world. So far their products are available more than 15 countries. They produce leather and non-leather safety shoes. With facilities of all kinds of modern machinery and skilled worker make the production easier and super first.  Their production capacity is 15,000  pair per month.


Inside floor View of Super Protective Shoe Ltd
Inside floor View of Super Protective Shoe Ltd
Youngone Corporation:

In 1974, this company starts its operation. It began manufacturing sportswear and down jackets in Seongnam, South Korea and has since grown to become the premier manufacturer of outdoor apparel, footwear, and gear. Various brands are top buyers of the company. And this company has a factory in Chittagong Export Processing Zone. With available top quality footwear offerings, this company is capable of producing mass production. Current production capacity is 20,000 plus pair per day.


Inside View of shoe factory of Youngone Corporation
Inside View of shoe factory of Youngone Corporation


Strong Footwear Ltd:

Mainly, this is a Japanese based company having a factory in Chittagong Export Processing Zone. Mainly, they are 100% export-oriented ladies footwear manufacturer & exporter in Japan Market. So, most of their works are footwear like sports, pumps, casual, sandal, work boot. They produce leather and non-leather safety shoes. With facilities of all kinds of modern machinery and skilled designers, and production team along with a dedicated workforce make the production easier and super first. And the production capacity of 15,000 to 20,000 pair per day depending on order volume.

Floor View of Strong Footwear Ltd
Floor View of Strong Footwear Ltd


Final Words:

In the end, it will be your decision from where you wanna provide you order for the finished leather. But if you want top-quality, in time delivery then RAVEN is the place where you can place your order. Our top technicians are well capable of completing any kinds of finishing and development with accuracy. RAVEN is one of the tops Sports Shoe Manufacturer in Bangladesh. More than 5 years of experience in the leather finishing for jackets, bags, gloves, pants, skirts, chest guards and other leather goods manufacturing, and selling. We also provide a leather patch warranty as well. Another cool thing is they have both ready-made and custom made facility.

If you are not ok with regular ready-made finishing then you can also order a custom-made finishing as well. But the costing will differ from the regular price. And the delivery date will be within the shortest time possible we can be depending on order volume. If you are thinking about placing an order or any other information we are very much open to all QUERY and  Question. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Mobile No: +8801717873588



Factory & Showroom Location:

Our Factory Address: Jamsha Natun Bazar, South Jamsha, Singair, Manikgonj 1820

Our Local Showroom: Store no: 277-278, Mukto-Bangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216

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