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Bangladeshi leather company is earning a good fortune gradually as per industry experts. Despite the fact that numerous infrastructural and mechanical issue Bangladesh has accomplished the second position on the nature of material after the French. Moreover, poor work environment, child labor acquisition, safety issues and others are the identified problems. Mainly, government, association, and businessmen are all trying to solving the issues very carefully. By maintaining the standard of international terms and conditions. However, the process is a little bit slow and lengthy. But it has started to change after all. Now we are going to find out the reasons why Bangladeshi calfskin is prominent around the globe. These four reasons are behind the achievement. Here they are beneath:

Genuine Leather Jacket Made By Bangladeshi Leather Company RAVEN
Genuine Leather Jacket Made By Bangladeshi Leather Company RAVEN


  1.  High qualities of fine grain
  2.  The uniform fiber structure
  3.  Smooth feel and
  4.  Natural texture.
  5. Perfect Usability
  6. Best for any kind tanning process.

As we overall understand that the cowhide business is maybe the most settled industry in Bangladesh. Additionally, this industry expects an immense activity in the national economy with a fair reputation around the globe. In later, the cowhide business positions second similarly as obtaining remote exchange next to Ready Made Garments. Hence, The Ministry of Industry(Government of Bangladesh) has articulated it as a need part. In 2017, Our prime minister Sheikh Hasina address the leather as a priority sector for export earnings. In order to get the most benefit out of the sector, various expansion plan has been taken already. We hope we can reach the goal very soon.

Golden Days of Bangladeshi leather company and Industry:

As per history, the essential tannery in Bangladesh territory was set up at Narayanganj by RP Saha in 1940. It was later moving to Hazaribagh zone of Dhaka. By at that point, it changes into a locale whereas of now suits a wide number of tannery units.

Around 1970 the Cowhide Business made in Bangladesh on a liberal scale premise. Practically 95% of cowhide and calfskin items outcomes of Bangladesh are passing on abroad. Beat cowhide, completed calfskin, calfskin bits of articles of clothing, and footwear are the best need. Most cowhide and calfskin item is admission to Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Spain, Russia, Brazil, Japan, China, Singapore, and Taiwan. Respect improvement in these sections midpoints 85% neighborhood and 15% outside.



Currently, 100 plus modern tannery units are starting at now in the task in the business. Likewise, the most bit of the Hazaribagh region of Dhaka city. In 1998, the segment passed on 178 million sq ft of calfskin and earned $160 million. The custom of keen thought of nuclear family creatures moreover contributes fundamentally to keeping the calfskin quality high. Particularly, the diminish goatskin of Kushtia is especially noted for its fine grain structure and unyielding nature.

As demonstrated by Leather Bulletin, about 40% of the stock of cover and skin starts from animals butchered during the yearly Muslim festival of Eid-ul-Adha. Despite the step by step usage of meat, festivities, Muslim weddings, and various celebrations yield a critical stock of stowaway and skin. The tanning business got a noteworthy lift following the organization decides to propel more regard development in charges. As far as possible with deference with covering calfskin creation extended. At present, it is twofold the nearby supply of rawhide and skin. Theories are moreover made in placing in new finishing point of confinement. The examples encourage more tanneries to convey finished cowhide on a business premise.

Current Days of Bangladeshi leather company and Industry:

Basically, there are around 220 tannery units in Bangladesh and they utilize locally open harsh hides and skins. Of them, 114 are monster and medium units (by near to measures) and are chosen with the Directorate of Industries. Others are for the most part of little and lodge create and are not on the select of the association. In excess of 150 tannery units are at Hazaribag of Dhaka in just 50 areas of place that is known for land broadly known as tannery inheritance.

As indicated by the records of the Bangladesh Tanners Association, around 3,000 specialists are working in the tanning business. In addition, there are around 100 qualified technologists including remote nationals who are working in various tanneries. Show capital put resources into the tannery business is surveyed at Tk 2.5 billion, of which government/bank hold is about Tk. 1.2 billion. Around 1,500 people are working in the way toward get-together foul hides and skins and moreover making them open at tannery units. Around 100 affiliations import manufactured mixes for use in the tannery business. Bangladesh makes around 100-150 million sq feet of foul disguises and skins. Furthermore, a while later around 85% of which is passed on in the body and completed the edge. Especially the rest used for passing on calfskin item to consider the nuclear family display.



So, the development of tanneries in Hazaribagh to Savar will end by this year. The movement work is proceeding going hard and fast and 20 modern offices have viably completed advancement of their new premises. The development is moving back in light of the lack of savings. It will cost about Tk6,000 crore to relocate the handling plants and to start making in the new establishment.

The Ministry of Industries moved the tannery assembling plants from their present zone in the capital’s Hazaribagh district amidst weight from the rights gathering, regular activists and buyers stressed over its hazardous effects on the general prosperity and condition. It designated plots to 155 tannery owners through Bangladesh Small and Cottage Industry Corporation (BSCIC) at the cowhide present-day stop, based upon a 200-area of land touch base in Savar. The organization is setting up the bit plots to whatever remaining parts of the tanneries in Hazaribagh that didn’t get a spot in Savar.

Upcoming Future of  Bangladeshi Leather Company:

Another recent trade war between the USA and China opens a new door for Bangladeshi exporter. Not only for RMG but also for leather and non-leather products in the USA. No one knows how far or how much time it will continue? But one thing is certain and that is the entrance of the huge market with the quality products. If we can make up the production supply chain with perfection as the RMG sector then we can sustain in the USA market.

On the other hand, Russia, Brazil is also open up for Bangladeshi traders. A new hope is also building of export opportunities. So, our government has taken a few initiatives to reduce the hassle of export procedures. Still, there are a lot of issues out there. Because of those we are lagging behind of competitors. We hope our association may solve those problems soon.

Be that as it may, China the world’s greatest footwear and calfskin merchandise creator. At present they are pulling over from the overall calfskin items exhibit. Notwithstanding Bangladesh is planning with enormous potential outcomes to attract remote interests on the part. As we see numerous news and reports on these particular themes. On these reports, we see it unmistakably that China’s yearly calfskin footwear creation drops by 5.29 percent in 2012. Furthermore, in the second year, it drops 7.45 percent in 2013.

Non-Leather Footwear Export Graph of Bangladesh
Non-Leather Footwear Export Graph of Bangladesh


These drops move China’s focus from the footwear business. What’s more, it makes an incredible open door for Bangladesh Footwear Industry. Then Bangladesh Footwear and Footwear Adornments Affiliation (BFFAA) said that work cost in China crosses as far as possible. Taking everything into account, the Bangladeshi producers are seeing more brilliant prospects for the calfskin portion after the readymade article of the dress business. Because of a key move in China makes a new plan to Bangladeshi. And our footwear both leather and non-leather footwears are showing great progress in 2019. Mainly, Synthetic footwear and sports shoes have drawn the attention of global buyers and brands and earned $271.53 million registering a sharp rise by 11.24% in the fiscal year 2018-19

Final Words:

Nation’s calfskin industry is confronting various issues. The tanneries of Hazaribagh territory in the capital is now on shifting to Savar.  And Savar is the place where tanneries will get better facilities and space for mass production. So, it is obvious that Bangladeshi Leather Company has a bright future. But it is us who needs to make it happen for us. There are many points that we have the advantage and there are also a few disadvantages as well. Most of all our problems are basically technological and strategical. If we overcome those then we can achieve our goal properly.

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