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Basically, leather jacket manufacturer in Bangladesh is a new trading keyword for foreign buyers on the internet. In order to get the best factories profile, they search in this term. However, in Bangladesh, a leather jacket is often used to get rid of winter. For young and adults sometimes wear a jacket for fashion purpose to cope up with fashion trend. Though Bangladesh is a high humidity country. So, using a leather jacket is a little bit tough to wear regularly. Mainly, winter is perfect to wear it. For this reason, very few vendors or manufacturers are producing leather jacket here. If you want quality leather and accessories then it becomes very specific one comparatively. In this article, we are going to provide information about the leather jacket manufacturer in Bangladesh properly.

Followings are Top Leather Jacket Manufacturer in Bangladesh:


It was not an easy job to sell anything back on 2013-2014. People don’t know the internet browsing much and thinking of selling online was a huge challenge. And when no one is believing in the genuine leather jacket. Moreover, people are cheated often by buying a fake leather jacket or artificial leather jacket as a genuine one. Most of the people were unaware of genuine leather. In this situation, we first try out a few ads through Facebook and got some response but no order. It almost provides us great frustration, money crisis, and unbearable sufferings. One day all our sufferings come to an end when the first order placed. Every one of us become happy finally we got it.

As you know we don’t have any physical shops at that time. So, we make a delivery hub where a customer can provide his measurements and advance there. Gradually, orders are coming and we are completing orders one by one. Besides our delivery hub, our small factory with only one machine was there. And we make tons of error and trial and we made all the orders successful. And the reaction of our customer was unbelievable. Mainly, they become our marketing agents. Their recommendations become an order. Through them, we find a lot of customers. Day by day our orders are coming in large numbers. Now our production capacity is almost full we can not take any more orders now. Still, we are getting queries through our helpline and online.

Al-Fahad-Bari Wearing RW-10 Leather Jacket From RAVEN


At that moment, we are in a great dilemma that we could not provide our service properly to our customers. Cause we are denying a lot of orders. So, we decide to expand our factory and we need a physical existence to double our orders. Mainly, In 2016, we made up our mind for expansion. However, in 2017, we open our first showroom at Muktobangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur-1 Dhaka. And we also set up our factory at South Jamsha, Singair, Manikgonj.

Now, we have spent  3 years in the market and the demand for leather jacket increasing. Through our website we write educational blogs on genuine leather, it’s type, finishing process, how to recognize, how maintain, etc. And we share them to our social channels from there we find out a lot of traffics who become our customers. They also recommend us for quality and customer service especially. Their response and our marketing strategy make us connected to more people for more orders. Within 3 years we become the No.1 leather jacket manufacturer in Bangladesh.



RAVEN Production Capacity:

Actually, last five years, we do work on different types of leather jacket designs. On the other hand, We make mistakes and we overcome the challenge and make the final product. However, we work on more than 300 plus jacket designs and complete 2000 plus jacket very efficiently. Now we have a 20 plus team who are dedicatedly working in our factory and showroom. Currently, we can produce 15 jacket per day and 500 jackets in one month. So far we have been working for the domestic market. And now we are prepared to explore the export market.


This company established in 1999. They are the top supplier crust & finished leather all around the world. Moreover, They also export footwear, leather goods, and leather garments as well. Mainly, In leather garments title they produce both men and women leather jackets. Currently, they are exporting to Hong Kong, China, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Italy, Poland, Mexico, India and more. Their consumption capacity is 1.5 M sqft per month.

Black Ladies Leather Trench Coat
Black Ladies Leather Trench Coat

Since 2003, they have consistently demonstrated our passion for leather making – in skilled craftsmanship, unparalleled artistry and a focus on innovation. Generally, UH Leather is a supplier of various types of Cow, Goat, Lamb, and Buffalo finished and crust leather  leather goods from Bangladesh. On the other hand, UH Leather is producing finished leather products like Leather Jacket, Waist Belt, Money Bag/Wallet, Vanity Bag, Laptop and Executive Bag from Genuine finished leather. 100% export-oriented factory.

Black Rider Jacket UH Leather LTD
Black Rider Jacket UH Leather LTD



From 2010, the company starts its journey of exporting. With the time markets of North America, Eastern Europe, East Asia, South America, Southern Europe, South Asia, Oceania, Central America, Western Europe, Middle East has been served with our products. Our employee range is 26-100. And our annual revenue is $2.5 million – $5 million. Mostly, we work on leather jackets, bags, belts, and other leather goods very efficiently.

Black Leather Jacket Manufactured By Ramim Leather & Finished Goods Corporation
Black Leather Jacket Manufactured By Ramim Leather & Finished Goods Corporation


Final Words:

There are a few factories who are producing leather jackets. Among them, RAVEN is one of the top destinations for leather jackets in Bangladesh. We provide high-quality leather, accessories, craftsmanship, and finishing. If you are interested in placing an order or any other information we are very much open to all QUERY and  Question. Feel free to contact us anytime.

Mobile No: +8801717873588

Email: info@ravenleather.ltd


Factory & Showroom Location:

Our Factory Address: Jamsha Natun Bazar, South Jamsha, Singair, Manikgonj 1820

Our Local Showroom: Store no: 277-278, Mukto-Bangla Shopping Complex, Mirpur-1, Dhaka-1216

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